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Black beans refried cream 3kg

  • Product code 400123
  • Ean7501017002221
  • Brand La Costeňa
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  • Carton 6 pcs
10,02 EUR / pcs 11,53 EUR with VAT 60,14 EUR / Carton 69,16 EUR with VAT
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Pre-fried black bean cream. Black beans are part of many Mexican dishes, so if you want to prepare dishes from this cuisine, you must not forget the beans. They contain a large amount of protein and carbohydrates but also vitamins. This package contains already prepared, spicy cream. It is therefore possible to consume immediately without any adjustment.

Package contents: 3 kg

Ingredients: black beans, water, onions, salt, jalapenos, lard, soybean oil, spices

Use: in Mexican cuisine, for sauces, tortillas and burritos

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